ESPAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study, dissemination, and promotion of current artistic production based on multiple readings and approaches to its collection and the needs of Mexico's artistic community. Our projects and mission have taken a collaborative approach over the years. The curatorial discourse has been nurtured by the interests of each member of the team, as well as by the traces left by our collaborators.

Our program aims to reconsider our practices, models, and contents, by creating a flexible and open-ended program that is not limited by a specific structure , but rather responds to ideas and concerns, and not to a predetermined cultural production chain. This proposal wants to slow down the usual rhythm of work and question what we understand by “productivity” within the artistic realm, as well as investigate new possible ways of working and contributing from a research and production standpoint within the field of visual arts


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Comisiones a destiempo

There is an interior interior

by Karla Noguez
10 de agosto, 2020


Museo Abstracto

by Christian Camacho y Cristina Torres
8 de julio,2020

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