ESPAC is a non-profit organization
and it has different programs to support its program.

Our Editions Program consists of a series of collaborations carried out with artists who have been part of the Editorial Platform of this institution. The objective is to help raise funds to support editorial projects, as well as making a series of pieces produced by contemporary artists affordable for a larger audience.


Ana Bidart, Tiro al blanco, 2019
Silkscreen and ink on paper
Edition of 35

Ana Navas y Sarina Scheidegger
Tiene palabras, ella, 2020 
Digital printing and screen printing
Edition of 12

Antonio Bravo Avendaño, Estudio sobre la revuelta VII, 2020
Digital printing and intervention on paper Edition of 12

Armando Rosales, Repetirse, 2019
Silkscreen and ESPAC’s powder
Edition of 35

Fabiola Torres-Alzaga Así como cuando el sol
se ha puesto, y uno lo ve donde ya no está,
Digital printing and graphite on paper Edition of 35

José Luis Sánchez Rull, La difícil experiencia  de salir de experiencias difíciles, 2019
Silkscreen on paper
Edition of 35